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1st Day In Office
What Color Glasses Do We Need

Red Rose

Annabelle Blues
Can You Tell Time
Closin' Time
Dellcrestina Blues
Felt Right
Four Alarm Fire
I'm In Love, Don't Know
   Who She Is

It Ain't Much Better
I'm In Love, Don't Know
   Who She Is

It's Not A Problem If
   It's Fixed With Money

Little Mama Blues
Money Ain't Drivin' Me
No More
Red Rose
Riverside Blues
See You Again
Temptation Blues
Too Many Women Knockin'
   On My Door

Would You Like To Be My Girl

All I Can Feel Is You
Can't Buy This Cat
Comin' To Stay
Crazy Woman
Different Worlds
I Been Doin' It Too
It Could Be Beautiful
Knee Deep In Missin' You
Let Her Go
Lost Love
New Love
Taking Care Of Business
Teen Age Love
Tell 'Em You're A Star
Tell Me You Love Me
When It Comes To Love I'm Dumb

In Good Hands

Are You Coming Home
Autumn Rose
Better Friends Than Lovers
Buck Me
Can't Wait
Don't Rain On My Parade
Dots On the Highway
Dream To Dream Your Dreams
Gettin' Old Is Gettin' Old
Give, Love
Gonna See My Sugar Tonight
I Love You
I'll Never Be Lost With You
I'm Not Afraid Anymore
It Ain't Right
It's About Time
It's Always Good To Be Back
I've Been Gone Longer Than You

Let's Do It Again
Moving On
No Website Blues
Not Enough Time
Only A Vision
Says The Light
Spend The Night
Stuffed Monkey
This Kind of Truth Hurts
Torn Apart
Traveling With My Baby
When I Wake Up In The Morning
When You Look Too Hard For Love
Wide Open Spaces

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